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Architectural Designer   |   Systems Thinker    |     Passive Climatic Design Consultant     |       Design Facilitation    |     Yogi     |      Dreamer!

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Professional Projects


Brave Earth
Costa Rica

currently being developed...

Residential Home Remodel - Layout options
Residential Remodel & Addition
Proposed New Townhomes in Victoria Park, FL.
Proposed New Townhomes in Victoria Park, FL.
Plans revision of residential addition in Havana, Cuba.

– Jim Rohn

"Whatever good things we build end up building us."


Tropical Leaves

Hi! I am a designer and a little bit of a dreamer. My intention is to design environments that are conductive to health and wellness for people as well as for the natural world that sustains and nurtures us. I am inspired by the interplay between the layers of this human experience including our inner and outer worlds from our physical bodies to our homes, communities, and this great planet, mother Earth. Creating spaces that foster peace, creativity and a good quality of life.

The things I am most passionate about include passive climatic design as well as the full spectrum of sustainability including making healthy choices around materials and always seeking to find a balance with the triple bottom line in mind. Biophilia is very important to me as is the permaculture reals and principles from designing from pattern to detail to stacking functions and touching the round lightly (as inspired by Glenn Murcutt).  As well as living in a more harmonious relationship with the land. I hold a strong intention to design regenerative systems whenever possible and catch and store water and energy as much as possible. 

I am also deeply fascinated by the urban context and the human scale (and element) in cities such as walkability and density, and more importantly high density in low to mid rise settings. Also the connection to the natural world such as landscaping, urban/pocket  parks to improve the quality of life of city dwellers as well as rain gardens, swales and live edges to improve the water quality of our precious Biscayne bay. 

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ecology needs to be 
the 'real' economy 
and then we will 
see change...
- unknown

Tropical Leaves

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